Port Hunter 16ft Sailing Skiff Club

The Port Hunter 16ft Sailing Skiff Club at Stockton, off Hunter Street, dates back to the late 1800s, when it was incorporated into the Mercantile Rowing Club. Regular skiff sailing began in 1895, catering for skiffs ranging from 6ft to 22ft. Top hats, jackets and ties were part of the dress code on the 22-foot skiffs.

With the original clubhouse gradually falling into disrepair, it was demolished in 1970. The new facility was officially opened in 1975. Today the club continues the traditions of 16-foot skiff sailing, along with Flying Ant class, MG14s and catamarans – see here for more information.

The dress code has also been considerably relaxed. For starters, you can leave your fancy Sperry Topsiders at the door as thongs are an obligatory fashion accessory.

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